Innovative free-form glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) panel

Estéfana Castañeda Vergara, Benito Lauret Aguirregabiria, Juan Miguel Lirola Pérez, Graciela Ovando Vacarezza


DOI: 10.7764/RDLC.16.3.479


This paper focuses on the manufacture of architectural free-form GRC panels with 3D printed internal grid. Since double-curvature formworks and molds could account for up to 40 to 80% of the production cost of the pieces, especially in small series product, avoiding these casting requirements is a highly attractive prospect economically. In this paper a feasible, moldless, 3D printing method combined with a Glass Reinforced Concrete alternative is considered as a solution to this drawback. Furthermore, it explores current methods involved in free-form GRC panel production, as well as the approach to additive manufacturing as an alternative for eluding formworks. Thus, GRC and 3D printing processes are described in detail and then evaluated as complementary techniques in this hybrid technology.





Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, 3D printing, free-form architecture, no mold process, doubly-curved panel.

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