Liquefaction potential sand-silt mixtures under static loading

Mohamed Bensoula, Hanifi Missoum, Karim Bendani


DOI: 10.7764/RDLC.17.2.196

As a part of an on-going research program on the mechanical instability of granular soils in our laboratory, defined contents of sand and silt in soil mixtures are studied through the triaxial apparatus, full range of initial relative density states (loose, medium and dense) are experimented and analyzed. In this work, the investigated soil is collected from different depths of Kharouba coastal region in the province of Mostaganem (Lat: 35.96° N; Long: 0.1° E). It consists mainly of sand with a low percentage fraction of non-plastic silt, below 30%. The coastal region of Mostaganem (Kharouba) is very close to the harbor and it experiences a significant seismic activity, then it would be very susceptible to the phenomenon of liquefaction under static or dynamic loads, hence the importance and relevance of this study which introduces the identification parameters of this instability due to liquefaction. Undrained triaxial tests under monotonic loading are carried out in the laboratory on saturated reconstituted samples. These results are presented and analyzed. New parameters for assessing the influence of fines content and density state on the behavior of heterogeneous soils (sand-silt) will be introduced to the liquefaction. New correlations expressing the undrained critical shear with these new parameters will be deducted for full range of initial relative density (loose, medium and dense) for design purpose.



Sand, silt, static liquefaction, undrained, density, monotonic loadings

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