Impact resistance of high strength chopped basalt fibre-reinforced concrete

Sathes Kumar Sateshkumar, Paul Oluwaseun Awoyera, Tamilarasan Kandasamy, Sathishkumar Nagaraj, Praveenkumar Murugesan, Boopathirasan Ponnusamy


DOI: 10.7764/RDLC.17.2.240

There is an increasing quest for sustainable development in the built environmental through the use of alternative construction materials. Basalt fibre is one of those materials that is currently gaining interest in concrete production, because it is environmentally friendly, and also has good mechanical features. The current study evaluates the workability, strength properties, impact resistance and hydration characteristics of high strength chopped basalt fibre-reinforced concrete. Basalt fibre was used in varying proportions, and manufactured sand was used as a total replacement of natural fine aggregate, while other natural materials were kept constant, when casting concrete specimens. The results showed that increasing the cut length of basalt fibre could enhance the strength characteristics and impact resistance of concrete. Overall, the study revealed an improved impact resistance in the tested concrete, which could be traced to be a result of rapid hydration.



Chopped basalt fibre, crack; impact resistance, manufactured sand, strength properties, thermogravimetric analysis.

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