Occupational safety needs into construction formwork market. Perception of stakeholders

Antonio Lopez-Arquillos, María del Carmen Pardo-Ferreira, Alistair Gibb, Juan Carlos Rubio-Romero


DOI: 10.7764/RDLC.18.1.16

This manuscript presents a comparative research about the perception of safety needs in the design and use of formworks. Needs were evaluated compiling opinions from different stakeholders in the construction sector in Spain and United Kingdom. Research methodology involved different phases: definition of the territorial and population context, research tool design, data collection and data analysis and findings. Thus, an ad-hoc questionnaire was designed and distributed to project designers, construction companies and manufacturing formwork companies, in order to identify needs in the design phase, construction phase and legal issues. The findings in both countries showed a high agreement in items related with productivity and final cost during the design phase of the formwork/falsework. Suppliers and customers showed different perception about the training services, especially in Spain. This study has allowed the identification of the sector's needs through the opinion of the main participants in the formwork trade. This should be a good basis for the development of measures that improve health and safety levels in formwork activities.




Construction, occupational safety, prevention, formwork, stakeholders

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