Compression behaviour of clay bricks prisms, wallets and walls - Coating influence

António Azevedo, João Quesado Delgado, Ana Guimarães, Fernando Artur Silva, Romildo Oliveira


DOI: 10.7764/RDLC.18.1.123

This work describes an experimental study carried out on running bond 195 red clay prisms, of two and three ceramic blocks, with and without cement mortar coating and some samples reinforced with mesh, subjected to axial compression in order to enhance the capacity of masonry. The prisms were subjected to compressive loading and all of them had deformation control on each face with a deflectometer, to obtain information about the structural behaviour of the prisms. The experimental results indicate an increase both in the compressive load capacity of the coated prisms and in those that use coatings based on reinforced mortar, not complying with the specifications of conventional structural mortar. The load ratios of prism/wallettes and prisms with two blocks/prisms with three blocks were satisfactory.




Clay blocks; Axial compression; Structural masonry; Reinforced mortar; Coating; Experimental tests

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