Assessment of the level of stakeholders’ satisfaction with respect to the scope: A methodological proposal for mining projects

Alfredo González León, Myriam Sánchez Pinto, Boris Heredia Rojas


DOI: 10.7764/RDLC.18.1.186

Traditionally, stakeholders have been underrepresented when defining the scope of a project, generating numerous problems during the execution and implementation of the project. Through this study, a procedure is proposed for helping the project management team to systematically identify and prioritize the involvement of each key stakeholder in mining projects. The procedure provides a tool to assess the level of completeness in defining the scope of the project, considering the stakeholders’ needs. With this methodological proposal, decision-makers and project managers will be able to ensure that the requirements and concerns of the stakeholders are properly considered in the early stages of the project, allowing a better level of satisfaction with respect to the desired scope of the project.




Stakeholder management, scope management, level of satisfaction, project life cycle

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