Mechanical properties of concrete frame joints with high-strength stirrups under axial and cyclic lateral loads

Julin Wang


DOI: 10.7764/RDLC.18.2.334


In this paper, four concrete frame joints with high-strength stirrups and one with normal-strength stirrups were tested to investigate the mechanical properties of concrete beam-column joints with high-strength stirrups under low cyclic reversed loading. The influences of yield strength, volumetric ratio and section type of stirrups on bearing capacity, ductility, energy dissipation and shear deformation of concrete joints were analyzed, and the results indicate that increasing the yield strength of stirrups has limited effect on enhancing the bearing capacity of concrete joints, but can effectively improve the ductility, energy dissipation and restriction on shear deformation of concrete joints.



concrete joints, high-strength stirrups, mechanical properties

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