Training workers and reducing the rate of accidents: A proposal inspired by the chronic care model

Ximena Ferrada, Patricia Masalan, Margarita Guarello, Paulina Núñez


DOI: 10.7764/RDLC.18.2.364


The construction field has an accident rate higher than those of other industries. Due to this fact, a bibliographical study was carried out in order to put forward innovative training methodologies in occupational health and safety as a means of reducing accident rates. A single methodology that ensures successful results over others could not be identified; however different safety training methodologies were identified that have been implemented within the construction industry. Since the issue of accident rates is a chronic problem in construction, the main contribution presented by this research is the application of a chronic care model used in healthcare to the construction industry. In this application, the foreman act as the linchpin in the system; it also considers technical and motivational training for the support team, especially those who work on-site, in order to cement the new lessons and the behavioral change.





training, safety, construction projects, accidents rate, construction workers

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