New design parameters for biparabolic beach profiles (SW Cadiz, Spain)

Antonio Contreras de Villar, Gregorio Gómez-Pina, Juan José Muñoz-Pérez, Francisco Contreras, Patricia López-García, Verónica Ruiz-Ortiz


DOI: 10.7764/RDLC.18.3.432

165 profiles of seventy-one beaches along the Gulf of Cadiz (SW, Spain) were studied to improve the formulation of the beach profile in tidal seas. Maritime climate, degree of energy exposure and size of the sand grains were taken into account to study the two sections of the biparabolic profile. The objective of the study was the determination of more accurate formulations of the design parameters for the equilibrium profile that involves tidal seas. These formulations were modelled and validated based on existing profiles to quantify the error existing between the real profile and the modelling. This comparative analysis was extended by considering the formulations proposed by other authors. The best results were obtained with the proposal presented herein.





Beaches, equilibrium profile, biparabolic, tide, sediment size, nourishment

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