Comparison of Energy-Saving Restoration Costs Based on Spain’s Initial Constraints [Single-Family Zone B4]

Alexis Pérez Fargallo, Vicente Flores Alés, José María Calama Rodríguez


Energy efficiency in the residential sector is one of the priorities of the
European Union. It is estimated to achieve an energy saving of 27% in the
group of buildings in the residential sector in the EU countries by 2020
through the directives issued by the European Commission. The housing
stock of Spain are among the least energy efficient in Europe as a result,
try to introduce governmental aid to encourage thermal refurbishment
of residential buildings. Currently programs energy rating in Spain
focus on the evaluation of annual CO2 emissions, however indicators
annual primary energy consumption or investment cost improvement
measures are not taken into account (Rua & López-Mesa, 2012). The
target is investigates the economic aspects of investment and savings
in energy efficiency improvements to houses, making a comparison
between alternatives and starting situations that may appear at the time
to evaluate the response of a building with order to deepen another
valid indicator for EE actions on existing buildings (Ahern, Griffiths &
O’Flaherty, 2013).

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