Comparative study on porosity and permeability of conventional concrete and concrete with variable proportions of natural zeolite additions

Juan Carlos de la Cruz, Jose María del Campo, David Colorado


With the use of special additives, the concrete benefits over its product
life increase, both in terms of mechanical properties and durability.
Zeolites are used in the field of building work for, thank to their properties,
they lend to the concrete enhanced features. This paper explores the
physical and mechanical properties improvements of hardened concrete
and its permeability. To this aim, on the one hand a concrete of control
and another with Zeolite additions between 5% and 10% have been
measured out with respect to the weight of cement, while on the other
Compressive strength and permeability testing have been carried out
through the Mercury intrusion porosimetry test. After these tests, it
was possible to obtain concrete with Zeolite proportions of 5% and 10%
that showed a suitable workability. With respect to the already analyzed
mechanical properties, the inclusion of Zeolites as an additive was an
improvement. In that respect, the durable features related to this type
of concrete were also similarly improved, being also remarkable the lack
of alkali-silica reactions.

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