Vol 16, No 1 (2017)

Revista de la Construcción. Journal of Construction

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Factors defining Gothic lighting. Relationship between volume, structure and luminous result in Spanish cathedrals PDF
Juan Manuel Medina, Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez, Eduardo Medina Sánchez, María Josefa Cassinello 9-21
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of building materials for the evaluation of building sustainability: the case of thermal insulation materials PDF
Rocío Carabaño, Susana Mª Hernando, Diego Ruiz, Cesar Bedoya 22-33
Design of interactive and collaborative learning units using TICs in architectural construction education PDF
Nuria Martí, David Fonseca, Enric Peña, Marta Adroer, David Simón 34-42
Study of the behavior of reinforced concrete deep beams. Estimate of the ultimate shear capacity PDF
Gilberto Rodríguez Plasencia, Jorge Douglas Bonilla Rocha, Juan José Hernández Santana, Lame Pudipedi 43-56
Does urban centrality influence residential prices? An analysis for the Barcelona Metropolitan Area PDF
Carlos Marmolejo-Duarte 57-65
An exact solution of thermal stability analysis of bimorph functionally graded annular plates PDF
Hossein Khosravi, Mahmood Khosravi 66-81
The Impact of Public Works in Spain: Natural, constructed and destroyed landscape PDF
Mario Martín-Antón, Vicente Negro, José María del Campo, José Santos López-Gutiérrez, María Dolores Esteban 82-91
Evaluation of the durability of asphalt mixtures depending on the physical properties of aggregates PDF
Gonzalo Valdés Vidal, Alejandra Calabi-Floody, Elsa Sanchez-Alonso 92-103
Critical analysis of risk assessment methods applied to construction works PDF
Antonio José Carpio de los Pinos, María de las Nieves González García 104-114
Leadership in construction. A case study with a gender perspective PDF
Maria Teresa Arenas-Molina, José María Calama, Trinidad Núñez Domínguez 115-125
Effects of fine aggregate abrasion resistance and its fineness module on wear resistance of Portland cement concrete pavements PDF
Orhan Karpuz, Muhammet Vefa Akpinar, Metin Mutlu Aydin 126-132
Performance indicators for developer and homebuilder Mexican companies: A Delphi study PDF
Kevin Luna-Villareal, Eugenio Pellicer, Salvador García-Rodríguez 133-144
Failure and damage determination of building roofs PDF
Manuel Carretero-Ayuso, Alberto Moreno-Cansado, Jorge de Brito 145-157
Cycles and trends in the dynamics of a leaning tower. Eight years of geometric monitoring with surveying techniques PDF
Pablo Perez, Alvaro Rodriguez, Jose Manuel Valle Melón, Ane Lopetegi 158-166
Investigation of mechanical properties of mortars with carbon fiber using multi slice computed tomography PDF
Ozlem Celik Sola, Savaş Erdem, Levent Bostancı, Cengiz Duran Atis, Baris Sayin 167-173

ISSN: 0718-915X