Vol 17, No 1 (2018)

Revista de la Construcción. Journal of Construction

Table of Contents


Strength and microstructure of micro ceramic dust admixed lime stabilized soil PDF
Jijo James, Pitchai Kasinatha Pandian 5-22
Experimental study of the fine particles effect on the shear strength of tuff zeolites PDF
Felipe A. Villalobos, Eladio A. Leiva, Óscar Jerez, Mauro E. Poblete 23-37
Dynamic acoustic shell with diffusers in the acoustical treatment of Carolina Coronado Theatre, Almendralejo (Badajoz, Spain) PDF
Manuel Martín-Castizo, Rubén Maderuelo-Sanz 38-46
Optimization of steel structures with one genetic algorithm according to three international building codes PDF
María-Belén Prendes-Gero, Antonio Bello-García, Juan-José del Coz-Díaz, Francisco-José Suárez-Domínguez, Paulino-José García Nieto 47-59
Radon concentrations in cave houses of Crevillente. A study about typological factors and proposals for remedial actions based on ventilation techniques PDF
Beatriz Piedecausa-García, Borja Frutos-Vázquez 60-71
Additioning alfa fibres in cement mortar PDF
Ernest Bernat-Masoa, Francesc Puigvertb, Hichem Abdelmoulac, Lluís Gild 72-84
Creep compliance of asphalt binders by indentation PDF
Rodrigo Delgadillo, Angelo Filonzi, Hussain Bahia, Nima Roohi Sefidmazgi 85-95
Critical evaluation of professional development and training programs for civil engineers in Baghdad PDF
Mohammed Al Mohsin, Bevian Al Hadithi, Ali Alnuaimi 96-102
Dynamic analysis of an immersed tunnel in Izmir
Isfendiyar Egeli, Cagdas Gurbuz 103-111
Window frame thermal performance simulation. Suitable methods according to climate and technology PDF
Maureen de Gastines, Érica Correa, Andrea Pattini 112-122
Comparison between building roof construction systems based on the LCA PDF
Manuel J. Carretero-Ayuso, Justo García-Sanz-Calcedo 123-136
Design and construction recommendations for connections arrangement in anchored veneers with continuous air cavity PDF
Ángeles Mas, Jose Vercher, Francisco Cubel, Enrique Gil, Carlos Lerma 137-148
The difference between theoretical and measured energy consumption in residential heating: Chilean case PDF
Claudia Rojo, Adelqui Fissore, André De Herde 149-157
An evaluation of the macro-scale adoption of Building Information Modeling in Chile: 2013-2016 PDF
Mauricio Loyola, Felipe López 158-171
Analysis of energy data of existing buildings in a University Campus PDF
Eduardo Aguayo-Ulloa, Claudia Valderrama-Ulloa, Fabien Rouault 172-182

ISSN: 0718-915X