Vol 17, No 2 (2018)

Revista de la Construcción. Journal of Construction

Table of Contents


Color and expressiveness in the construction timbers by means surface treatments with acids PDF
Francisco Lora Toro, Alfonso García Santos, Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez 183-195
Liquefaction potential sand-silt mixtures under static loading PDF
Mohamed Bensoula, Hanifi Missoum, Karim Bendani 196-208
Development of reentrant hexatruss structures to apply to architecture PDF
Mª Dolores Álvarez Elipe, Jesús Anaya Díaz 209-214
Review of contemporary architecture projects based on nature geometries PDF
Mª Dolores Álvarez Elipe, Jesús Anaya Díaz 215-221
Mathematical model for prediction of colour in the aging of waterproofed porous face ceramic PDF
Jesús Ángel Coronado Martín, Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez, Alfonso García Santos 222-230
Assessment of the influence of the effective water-cement ratio on the workability and strength of a commercial concrete used for the construction of concrete caissons PDF
Eduardo González-Díaz, Elena Jaizme-Vega, Javier Jubera-Pérez 231-239
Impact resistance of high strength chopped basalt fibre-reinforced concrete PDF
Sathes Kumar Sateshkumar, Paul Oluwaseun Awoyera, Tamilarasan Kandasamy, Sathishkumar Nagaraj, Praveenkumar Murugesan, Boopathirasan Ponnusamy 240-249
Posidonia oceanica as thermal insulation: Determination of the minimum bulk density, according to project specifications, for its use as a building solution on a flat roof PDF
Cristian Carmona, Gabriel Horrach, Carles Oliver, Francisco J. Forteza, Joan Muñoz 250-257
Fuzzy decision support model for the selection of contractor in construction works PDF
Cemil Akcay, Ekrem Manisali 258-266
A rapid analysis method for determining current status of existing buildings: A conceptual framework PDF
Baris Yildizlar, Cemil Akcay, Namik Kemal Öztorun 267-278
Effect of polymers on rheological properties of waxy bitumens PDF
Julide Öner, Burak Sengoz 279-295
Pozzolanic improvements to fly ash when removing unburned carbon PDF
Walter Roldán Latorre, Jorge Garcés Arroyo 296-303
Multimodal optimization for time-cost trade-off in construction projects using a novel hybrid method based on FA and PSO PDF
Gülçağ Albayrak, İlker Özdemir 304-318
Application of the Monte Carlo method to estimate the uncertainty in the compressive strength test of high-strength concrete modelled with a multilayer perceptron PDF
Isabel Moromi Nakata, Francisco García Fernández, Ana Torre Carrillo, Pedro Espinoza Haro, Luis Acuña Pinaud 319-329
Evaluation of natural additives for warm asphalt mix PDF
Rosa Herrera de la Rosa, Anadelys Alonso Aenlle, Nelson Villegas Muñoz 330-336

ISSN: 0718-915X