Vol 18, No 2 (2019)

Revista de la Construcción. Journal of Construction

Table of Contents


Effect of electrical cure of concrete on maturity and compressive strength PDF
İsmail Hocaoğlu, Tayfun Uygunoğlu 214-225
Time-cost optimization using harmony search algorithm in construction projects PDF
Mohammad Lemar Zalmai, Cemil Akcay, Ekrem Manisali 226-237
Use of non-destructive testing for the evaluation of the preservation state of Iquique Clock Tower, Chilean Historic Monument PDF
Rodrigo Osvaldo Ortiz Mansilla, Nicol Alejandra Fuentes Sazo, Andrés Eduardo Jamet Aguilar, Alberto Aníbal Moya Arredondo, Mauricio Andrés González Moya, María Paz Varela Díaz, Aldo Augusto Ramírez Guerra, Erik Baradit Allendes, Patricia Haydée Martínez Ramírez 238-246
Acoustic performance in a lightweight ventilated façade for building refurbishment: analysing the impact of variations in airborne sound insulation according to the ventilation characteristics PDF
Andrea Niampira Daza, Joan Lluís Zamora 247-257
Elastoplastic analysis of the effects of the advance of a double-track railway tunnel on the soil and on the tunnel support. In-situ testing and 2d modelling PDF
Fernando López-Gayarre, Mariano Rodríguez Avial-Llardent, Francisco José Suárez-Domínguez, Martina-Inmaculada Álvarez-Fernández, María-Belén Prendes-Gero 258-270
Numerical simulation of shear-strengthening of reinforced concrete beams by CFRP under cyclic loading PDF
Shahriar Shahbazpanahi, Hunar Farid Hama Ali 271-281
System based on piezoelectric sensors for deflection measurement in concrete beams PDF
Daniel Ferrández Vega, Carlos Morón Fernández, Pablo Saiz Martínez, Jorge Pablo Díaz Velilla 282-289
Influence of waste marble powder as a replacement of cement on the properties of mortar PDF
Kenan Yamanel, Uğur Durak, Serhan İlkentapar, İsmail İsa Atabey, Okan Karahan, Cengiz Duran Atiş 290-300
Numerical evaluation of core concrete quality on the response of concrete jacketed columns PDF
Naci Caglar, Halil Sezen, Muhammed Nadir Olabi 301-310
Evaluating in-situ thermal transmittance measurement to analyze devia-tions between actual house thermal performance and modelled one by means of energy simulation software PDF
Fahimeh Rezvani, Ignacio Zabalza Bribián 311-322
Lateral torsional buckling analysis of truss-braced timber arches PDF
Kálmán Koris, István Bódi 323-333
Mechanical properties of concrete frame joints with high-strength stirrups under axial and cyclic lateral loads PDF
Julin Wang 334-348
Soil-structure interaction effects on the seismic performance of frame structures PDF
Dhahbia Guerdouh, Salah Khalfallah 349-363
Training workers and reducing the rate of accidents: A proposal inspired by the chronic care model PDF
Ximena Ferrada, Patricia Masalan, Margarita Guarello, Paulina Núñez 364-374
The effect of conglomerations gradation on engineering properties of loess PDF
Dequan Kong, Rong Wan 375-385
Resistance of polypropylene fibered mortar to elevated temperature under different cooling regimes PDF
Okan Karahan, Uğur Durak, Serhan İlkentapar, İsmail İsa Atabey, Cengiz Duran Atiş 386-397
Lightweight construction design with bearing surfaces. Thin-walled structures PDF
Susana Palacios Rodríguez, Jesús Anaya Díaz, Borja Cruz López 398-408

ISSN: 0718-915X