Analytical study on the behavior of spirally welded steel columns


  • Bharathi K M Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai (India)
  • Jane Helena H Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai (India)



ductility, non-linear, spirally welded column, buckling


Spirally welded tube (SWT) members are predominantly used for offshore oil and gas transportation in the pipeline industry. The use of SWTs in construction is gaining attention with emerging and qualitative research. SWT columns have no parametric limitation in manufacturing. However, no specific research is available for the influence of helix angle in SWT columns as structural member. This investigation stresses on understanding the behavior of SWT columns with different helix angles. Seventy-two finite element (FE) models of SWT columns have been analyzed to study the influence of length to diameter (L/D) ratio, diameter to thickness (D/t) ratio and helix angle on the load-carrying capacity. Test results of two SWT columns available in the literature are used for validating the developed FE model. In addition, the capacity of the columns based on standard codes is computed and compared with the FE results. All the columns are axially compressed and the buckling and post-buckling behavior are simulated. Initial stiffness and ductility index of the columns are discussed. Helix angle between 40° to 50° are found to show the best results.


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