Vol 17, No 3 (2018)

Revista de la Construcción. Journal of Construction

Table of Contents


Modeling the weight and length changes of the concrete exposed to sulfate using artificial neural network PDF
Veysel Akyuncu, Mucteba Uysal, Harun Tanyildizi, Mansur Sumer 337-353
Evaluation of story response in seismic prone building construction using high damping rubber bearing PDF
A. B. M. Saiful Islam 354-363
Optimization of durability properties of concrete containing fly ash using Taguchi’s approach and Anova analysis PDF
Mucteba Uysal, Veysel Akyuncu, Harun Tanyildizi, Mansur Sumer, Hasan Yildirim 364-382
Finite element simulation of RC beams under flexure strengthened with different layouts of externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) sheets PDF
Muhammad Umair Saleem, Nauman Khurram, Muhammad Nasir Amin, Kaffayatullah Khan 383-400
Application of a grant in thermal reconditioning houses in the Metropolitan Region of Chile PDF
Danny Pavez Gallegos, Leonardo Meza Marín 401-411
SIEM: Santiago’ (Chile) Integrated Energy Model PDF
Alexandre Carbonnel Torralbo, Rodrigo Martin Quijada 412-422
Methodology for determining the most severe risks of a construction project and identification of risky projects PDF
Fernando Vegas-Fernández, Fernando Rodríguez-López 423-435
Evaluation of the occupational hazard perception of building construction workers from a psychometric paradigm and considering sociodemographic variables PDF
Eric Forcael, Leonidas Risso, Patricio Álvarez, Nelly Gómez, Francisco Orozco 436-456
Degradation of a LDPE film applied as a greenhouse cover design material: the effect of ageing and mechanical modelling PDF
Eduardo Garzón, Isabel María Ortiz Rodríguez, José Castillo, Pedro José Sánchez-Soto 457-464
Synthesis and characterization of concrete mortars reinforced with thermostable polymer from industrial waste PDF
José Amparo Rodríguez García, Eddie Nahúm Armendáriz Mireles, Roque Roberto López Ceballos, Enrique Rocha Rangel, Carlos Adrián Calles Arriaga, Ricardo Daniel López García 465-472
Effect of different factors on the electricity consumption and electricity usage intensity (EUI) of residential buildings in Pakistan PDF
Khuram Pervez Amber, Muhammad Umer Saeed, Muhammad Waqar Aslam, Imdad Hussain, Muhammad Sajid Khan 473-483
Behavior of composite self-compacting concrete (SCC) reinforced with steel wires from waste tires PDF
Mehmet Alpaslan Köroğlu 484-498
Enhanced retrofitting process by integrating post-occupancy evaluation and user perception PDF
Paulina Wegertseder Martínez, Maureen Trebilcock Kelly 499-516
Generative model and fixing guidelines for modular volumetric architecture PDF
Alessandra Teribele, Benamy Turkienicz 517-530
Use of diatomite and pumice as stabilizers in stone mastic asphalt mixtures PDF
Şevket Aslan, Bekir Aktaş 531-541
Evaluation of asphalt binder blended with coconut coir dust and residual coconut fibers for structural applications PDF
Alexandra Loaiza, Edwin Garcia, Henry A. Colorado 542-554

ISSN: 0718-915X