About the Journal


An international peer-reviewed and open-access Journal dedicated to construction and building technologies research.

Revista de la Construcción/Journal of Construction publishes original peer-reviewed research articles focused on the construction sector, with special emphasis in civil engineering and construction and building technology research, which are the two categories where the journal is indexed in the prestigious database the Web of Science (WoS)/Science Citation Index Expanded

In civil engineering, topics could cover planning, design, construction, and maintenance of fixed structures and ground facilities for the construction industry (e.g., bridges, civil engineering structures, highway pavements), among others. Construction and building technology cover topics related to physical features and design of structures (e.g., buildings, bridges, dams, roads) and the materials used to construct them (e.g., concrete, cement, steel, polymeric coatings, bricks, mortars, fibers), where innovative research of the articles is conducted mainly through laboratory and numerical investigations. To a lesser extent, articles could address topics such as construction management, heating, and air conditioning, renewable energy technologies, as well as indoor air quality topics.