Fuzzy decision support model for the selection of contractor in construction works


  • Cemil Akcay
  • Ekrem Manisalı




Fuzzy logic, Decision support system, Public tender act, Construction sector


The major employer in Turkish construction sector is the public and the selection of contractor within the public sector is implemented in accordance with the regulations. Sound utilization of public resources in developing countries with certain development plans is very important; also the establishment of transparency and competition in public procurement increases saving and encourages the correct usage of tax revenues. Within this context, keeping the quality while increasing the level of competition and having successful public investments will be possible by selecting the most ideal contractor. The key for success in public investments on construction projects is to provide the minimum project cost with the ability to reach at the required quality level within the determined period; and therefore some criteria other than the amount of bid should be determined for construction tenders and the evaluation should be one within the scope of such criteria in order to select the contractor. A fuzzy logic methodology is used within the scope of this study, in which the criteria except the price are evaluated with the help of a model and the verbal terms are modeled.

Author Biographies

Cemil Akcay

Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Department of Civil Engineering
Istanbul (Turkey)

Ekrem Manisalı

Istanbul University, Department of Civil Engineering
Istanbul (Turkey)




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Akcay, C., & Manisalı, E. (2018). Fuzzy decision support model for the selection of contractor in construction works. Revista De La Construcción. Journal of Construction, 17(2), 258–266. https://doi.org/10.7764/RDLC.17.2.258