Dynamic responses of reinforced concrete slabs under sudden impact loading


  • Recep Tuğrul Erdem Department of Civil Engineering, Manisa Celal Bayar University, 45140, Manisa (Turkey)




drop test setup, impact loading, measurement devices, numerical analysis, rc slab


Reinforced concrete (RC) slabs may be subjected to low-velocity impact effect in their service lives.  In this study, it is aimed to investigate dynamic responses of two-way rc slabs. So, a total of 6 slabs with 500x500, 550x550 and 600x600 mm side lengths and having same thickness are both experimentally and numerically investigated under low velocity impact loading. Two different reinforcement configurations are used in the production of each slab. A drop test setup is designed for the experimental study. Besides, measurement devices such as accelerometer, lvdt, dynamic load cell, data logger and optic photocells are used in the experimental program. Experiments on the specimens are carried out for the same level of impact energy. Acceleration, displacement and impact load values of slabs are presented by time dependent graphs. In addition, cracks and deformations are observed during tests. In the numerical part of this study, a detailed finite element procedure where explicit dynamic analysis is performed by Abaqus finite elements software is established. The simulations are performed for each test specimen under impact effect and analysis results are used in the verification of experimental results. The relationship between experimental and numerical studies is comparatively examined in terms of crack patterns and average ratios of accelerations, displacements, impact loads. Finally, it is considered that the proposed numerical model could be used in the evaluation of experimental results under impact loading.


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