An experimental study on the performance of precast ferrocement panel for composite masonry slab systems


  • Yavuz Yardim The University of Edinburgh
  • Mehmet Alpaslan Koroglu



Composite, Ferrocement, Precast slab, Masonary


This study investigates the necessary norms of precast slabs connections experimentally in order to adapt and suggest a new connection system for existing composite masonry floor. In order to check the system security, full size precast slab tests performed for both slab-beam-slab (SBS) connection and slab-slab (SS) connection. Slabs, designed with the norms of standards and information from literature, were tested under distributed loads. It has been experimentally proved that the offered SBS connection successfully improved the performance the proposed slab floors.


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Yardim, Y., & Koroglu, M. A. (2020). An experimental study on the performance of precast ferrocement panel for composite masonry slab systems. Revista De La Construcción. Journal of Construction, 19(3), 213–223.