Revista de la Construcción. Journal of Construction

The Journal of Construction is an international scientific publication, created on 2002 and edited by the Escuela de Construcción Civil of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile. The RDLC is indexed in the Journal Citation Report of Thomson Reuters since 2007. It is also indexed by several world databases, such as and Scopus, SciELO, LATINDEX and DOAJ. It publishes original and peer reviewed on: Civil works/Building, Sustainability, Management, Structures, Construction Sciences, Materials, Engineering, Technology. Is aimed at professionals, constructors, academics, researchers, companies, architects, engineers, and anyone who wishes to expand and update their knowledge about construction. RDCL publishes three issues per year (April, August and December).

Vol 16, No 2 (2017): Revista de la Construcción, Journal of Construction

Table of Contents


Influence of backfill soil shear strength parameters on retaining walls stability PDF
Luis A. Lemus, Nelson O. Moraga, Roberto Lemus-Mondaca 175-188
Numerical model for nonlinear analysis of masonry walls PDF
Jaime Campbell, Mario Durán 189-201
Façades of gothic Mediterranean cathedrals and fortifications. Constructive racionality facing earthquake PDF
Víctor Manuel Santiago Pedraza 202-214
Modeling the performance impacts caused by an earthquake to the construction industry: Case study on the 2010 Chile earthquake PDF
Eric Forcael, Vicente González, Alexander Opazo, Francisco Orozco, Richard Araya 215-228
Analysis of the use of cupola furnace slags, green sand and reclaimed asphalt pavement in asphalt concrete mixtures for low intensity traffic PDF
Ángel Vega-Zamanillo, Miguel Ángel Calzada-Pérez, Pedro Lastra-González, Irune Indacoechea-Vega, José Ángel Fernández-Ortega 229-237
Comparative assessment of corrosion of concrete reinforced with unprotected steel and hot-dip galvanized steel PDF
Vinícius de Kayser Ortolan, Thayse Hilgert, Juan José Howland, Luis Silva, Bernardo Fonseca Tutikian 238-248
Numerical study of seismic behavior of Composite Steel Plate Shear Walls with flat and corrugated plates PDF
Hossein Khosravi, Sayed Shoaib Mousavi, Gholamreza Tadayonfar 249-260
Study on prevention implementation in tunnels construction: Marão Tunnel’s (Portugal) singularities PDF
Manuel L. Tender, Francisco F. Martins, João P. Couto, Alfonso Cortés Pérez 262-273
Evolution, trends and design parameters for the management of Areas of Logistic Activities in Spain PDF
José Romero Postiguillo, José María Del Campo Yagüe, Juan Antonio Santamera Sánchez 274-283
Including reliability in the AASHTO-93 flexible pavement design method integrating pavement deterioration models PDF
Mario Alberto Rodríguez Moreno, Tomás Echaveguren Navarro, Guillermo Thenoux Zeballos 284-294
Parameters that influence the chromatic variation of porous face ceramic waterproofed with organosilicic products PDF
Jesús Ángel Coronado Martín, Alfonso García Santos 295-306
Wood frame house construction project in Mexico PDF
Oscar Filio Reynoso, Amparo Borja de la Rosa, Mario Fuentes Salinas, Alejandro Corona Ambriz 307-322
BIM-Integration of solar thermal systems in early housing design PDF
Alejandro Bonilla Castro, Rodrigo García Alvarado 323-338
Project shelter, Part 1: Fire resistance and thermal insulation PDF
Rose Marie Garay, Wladimir Figueroa, Francis Pfenniger, Ricardo Tapia, Jorge Larenas 339-354
Effect of silica fume and solid borax waste on compressive strength of fired briquettes PDF
Ozlem Celik Sola, Baris Sayin, Cemil Ozyazgan, Levent Bostancı 355-360

ISSN: 0718-915X