Revista de la Construcción. Journal of Construction

The Journal of Construction is an international scientific publication, created on 2002 and edited by the Escuela de Construcción Civil of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile. The RDLC is indexed in the Journal Citation Report of Thomson Reuters since 2007. It is also indexed by several world databases, such as and Scopus, SciELO, LATINDEX and DOAJ. It publishes original and peer reviewed on: Civil works/Building, Sustainability, Management, Structures, Construction Sciences, Materials, Engineering, Technology. Is aimed at professionals, constructors, academics, researchers, companies, architects, engineers, and anyone who wishes to expand and update their knowledge about construction. RDCL publishes three issues per year (April, August and December).

Vol 16, No 3 (2017): Revista de la Construcción. Journal of Construction

Table of Contents


The incorporation of the study into water consumption in energy audits in schools PDF
Jorge Gallego Sánchez-Torija, Enrique Larrumbide Gómez-Rubiera, César Bedoya Frutos 361-373
Concrete quality assessment before building structures submitting to environmental exposure conditions PDF
Abel Castañeda, Juan José Howland Albear, Francisco Corvo, Rigoberto Marrero 374-387
Analysis of seismic design criteria of Santo Domingo Church, a Colonial Heritage of Santiago, Chile PDF
Natalia Jorquera, Jonathan Ruiz, Claudia Torres 388-402
Analysis of infrastructure funds as an alternative tool for the financing of public-private partnerships PDF
Antonio Lara-Galera, Antonio Sánchez-Soliño, María Gómez-Linacero 403-411
Mechanical behavior after repairing structure by fiber carbon PDF
Tayeb Ayad, Tahar Kadri, Ahmed Rezigua 412-419
Underpinning of shallow foundations by expansive polyurethane resin injections. Case study: Cardinal Diego de Espinosa Palace in Segovia (Spain) PDF
Félix Escolano Sánchez, Alberto Mazariegos de la Serna, José Ramón Sánchez Lavín, José María del Campo Yagüe 420-430
Viability of using olive stones as lightweight aggregate in construction mortars PDF
Mercedes del Río Merino, Javier Guijarro Rodríguez, Francisco Fernández Martínez, Jaime Santa Cruz Astorqui 431-438
Bayesian network analysis of accident risk in information-deficient scenarios PDF
José Enrique Martín, Javier Taboada-García, Saki Gerassis, Ángeles Saavedra, Roberto Martínez-Alegría 439-446
Microstructural evolution of cement pastes blended with two types of volcanic materials PDF
Diana M. Burgos, Luisa M. Cardona, Álvaro Guzmán, Khandaker M. Anwar Hossain, Silvio Delvasto 447-456
Anchored piles in Santiago's gravel: modeling results for displacement curve PDF
Dennis Raddatz, Oscar Taiba 457-467
Evaluation of large deformations on Romanesque masonry pillars: The case of Santa María de Arties (XII-XIII) at Valle de Arán, Spain PDF
Josep Lluis i Ginovart, Sergio Coll-Pla, Agustí Costa-Jover, Mónica López Piquer 468-478
Innovative free-form glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) panel PDF
Estéfana Castañeda Vergara, Benito Lauret Aguirregabiria, Juan Miguel Lirola Pérez, Graciela Ovando Vacarezza 479-488
New columns for architecture in reinforced concrete PDF
David Jolly Monge 489-497
Minimum geotechnical requirements for traditional and singular bridges foundations design: Chacao Suspension Bridge PDF
Álvaro Peña, Matías Valenzuela, Marcelo Márquez, Hernán Pinto 498-506
Prismatic structural members: Cross section flat and normal to the axis? PDF
Ramón Irles Más, Juan Carlos Pomares Torres, José Ramón Atienza Reales 507-517
Eco-bricks: a sustainable substitute for construction materials PDF
Federico C. Antico, María J. Wiener, Gerardo Araya-Letelier, Raúl Gonzalez Retamal 518-526
Residential archetypes in urban energy simulation models in Chile: Determining factors of residential energy consumption PDF
Francisca Aguilera, Felipe Ossio 527-536

ISSN: 0718-915X